The World People Group shall commence the following businesses to attain the purpose set forth in purpose.

1. Support and contribution to various countries through the World-P Fund. We support the improvement of people’s living environments.

2. Investment
in oil refineries in Noth European countries and African countries, and sales, export and import through World-P Group's global sales network.

3. To
solve the global food shortage, rice, flour, corn and sugar are sold and provided free of charge to countries with food shortages.

4. Operating
a medical school to dispatch doctors to countries that lack medical facilities to eradicate diseases.

5. Fostering
experts in each field who will serve humanity by investing in the aviation industry and medical services in economically difficult countries with funds raised through the energy industry, oil and gold projects.

Housing Plan

Housing is an essential living space, and stable residential life has an important impact on your life.

The living conditions of low income families are very poor.

The disparity in housing environment between income groups is increasing.

Due to the increase of irregular workers, the difficulty of employment of young people, and the instability of unemployment and employment, the social outcasts are precarious.

High housing costs, etc., the unmarried people give up the marriage, or the newlyweds decrease or stop giving birth

Faced with the problem of low birthrate, the domestic market is shrinking in the mid to long term and the overall industry is adversely affected.

Factory & Job Creation Plan

If housing is stabilized, it will encourage workers' willingness to work, which will increase productivity and reduce wage and inflationary pressures due to excessive housing costs.

There is a need to provide vocational education that is linked to 'Life‘

Providing vocational education services that can help practically the life of households

In the case of young low-income households, it is necessary to establish a plan in which housing and employment are linked.

In the case of middle-aged low-income households, the educational environment of their children is important, so it is necessary to plan for housing, employment, and education services at the same time

Xenotransplantation Research Laboratory Plan

Personalized artificial organ research

Similar organisms, the so-called 'organoid' study

Studies using iPSCs with multi-differentiating properties instead of embryonic cells

It is the direct conversion technique that can be called the evolution type of iPSC technology by directing the somatic cells directly to the desired long-term cells without putting 4 substances into the somatic cells and returning them to the stem cells.

A more efficient treatment study by identifying the effects or side effects of certain drugs with the patient's organoid

Disaster Rescue Team

Providing medical services for domestic islands and underdeveloped areas

Providing Medical Services to Overseas Developing Countries and Less Developed Countries and Providing Medical Support for Disasters

Addressing gaps in care due to problems such as bad weather and hospital lines

Medical services for non-port areas by operating a hospital ship carrying helicopters

Supporting culture and welfare activities with medical assistance

It provides systematic and efficient free legal advice to the disadvantaged from the law.

It supports legal representation and criminal defense services for socially disadvantaged people.

It supports free legal services for small business owners and small business owners.

Culture & Art Worldwide Plan

Most artists, except for some famous artists, have difficulty in maintaining a stable life for themselves and their families through artistic activities alone

If a meaningful work of art is created and announced in a good environment, it is meaningful to the life of the generation and descendants as a work of society

Addressing gaps in care due to problems such as bad weather and hospital lines

Providing opportunities for artistic talents from all over the world to take over the arts through education and hands-on training and provide opportunities to escape from economic difficulties through artistic activities